Soccer is life/I'm a right defender/this is what I love/follow me ;)

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Soccer is life/I'm a right defender/this is what I love/follow me ;)


Spent an hour testing each pair of boots - Puma EvoPOWER 1, NIKE Magista Obra and Pélé Trinity 3E (left to right). 
My Personal Verdict- 
NIKE Magista Obra
Puma EvoPOWER 1
Pélé Trinity E3 
Short Reviews - click the links to find a pair to buy
2014 Magista Obra $275
Unmatched fit -it’s like a sock and hugs your foot nicely for that oh so snug fit. The mid cut collar feels strange at first but you’ll miss it later when playing with low cut shoes. 
Stud pattern -is nice and aggressive but releases the ground as fast as you dig into it. Nice and stiff sole plate get’s you accelerating quickly.
Touch -is great you feel very close to the ball but also have a bit of padding on the instep to take the sting out of shots. 
Extremely water proof -most waterproof shoe I’ve worn
An all round superb boot which lives up to the hype. If you want one pair of boots for every occasion it’s the Magista. Worn by players such as Ali Krieger, Megan Rapinoe, Ella Masar, Hope Solo, Crystal Dunn and Amber Brooks. 
2014 EvoPOWER 1 $150
Wide fit (works for my wide feet) -good step in comfort not a snug as the Magista but not bad either. 
Stud pattern -if you don’t notice it and you’re not slipping around then it’s doing it’s job. No complaints here. 
Touch -interesting due to the thin adap-lite and the acu-foam pads but crisper than Magista which is nice. 
Shooting feels effortless in these boots, it takes less energy to generate a powerful shot and is a surprising experience the first time. 
Great boot, especially if you’re looking for something more durable, comfortable and like a large strike zone. Definitely recommend these as you get a lot of bang for your buck. Worn by Dash player and rookie standout Kealia Ohai. 
2012 Pélé Trinity 3E $50 
Tight fit -upper is soft but requires a bit of break in time, feels like a leather boot. 
Stud pattern -this is where this boot excels. It has an unusual three stud pattern on the back heel and three lateral and two medial studs. It’s pretty radical looking but is awesome to run with! 
Touch -has a leather like touch and a no frills, no nonsense upper, so what you see is what you get. 
At 5.8 ounces (in a size 9US) it’s a super light boot. 
If you like your boots looking and feeling old school but with modern tech and ultra light, than the Trinity is your pick. Great for speedy wingers, Amy Rodriguez/Lisa DeVanna type players or if you just like some ninja stealth boots. 

Robin Van Persie
31. July 2014

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Me when someone tells me they hate football

Ryan Giggs and Louis van Gaal. The Master and Apprentice.

The Manchester United squad visited the White House in Washington, D.C. whilst on tour in the U.S.