Soccer is life/I'm a right defender/this is what I love/follow me ;)

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Soccer is life/I'm a right defender/this is what I love/follow me ;)


“His influence in the dressing room is not something you will understand unless you’ve been in there with him. At times, he was almost the glue that connected it. You talk about the British players and the foreign players, and he had equally good relationships with all. He’s so vibrant around the dressing room, a huge character. He has a fantastic personality. He’s a leader, somebody who would really get everybody going before a game. What surprised me, when I first started hearing him talk in the changing room, he was really passionate about the things he was saying to the team. ‘Come on boys, this is our game today.’ That’s not something you often hear from somebody who has come to the club, rather than coming through the ranks. Sometimes it actually has more impact coming from somebody who has come in rather than from somebody who has been at the club for a long time. It did with him, and I think that’s when Sir Alex Ferguson and the players first saw the leadership side of him and that would ultimately make him a regular captain.” - Gary Neville
"I’m so fancy, you already know"

Messi while dribbling, probably (via rubitch-cubes)

omg he looks so tiny and cute next to gerad


Do you ever just look at a football player and just think



Should I be scared

The FIFA nations rankings have been released following the finish of the World Cup, and there are not a lot of shocks here, quite frankly. England’s terrible showing has dropped them to #20, and Portugal and Spain’s rankings took nose-dives. Costa Rica and the Netherlands saw the biggest rises as both jumped twelve places in the rankings.

Manchester United plc reaches agreement with adidas -
Adios Nike, you’ll be missed.

Just Beckham!!